Jodha Akbar 20th November 2013 Written Episode, Jodha Akbar 20th November 2013 Written Update

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The episode begins with ? Jalal?s entry into the jalsa hall with Jodha begum being announced .. All rise as they enter

The kaazies bless the couple .. All are happy with the chupi huvi mohabbat being exposed before all

Behind the scenes .. Hoshiyar asks ruks if she was sad ..she replies that she was sad as she could not give him the child he craved for .. But happy that jo gave him that pleasure of becoming a father at least

All royal ladies give the couple gifts ..

Ruks then does the rasam of giving the kesar waala doodh .. As ruks begins to taste it .. Jo stops her saying not required to taste as she trusted ruks
Jo tells ruks that she was sure her baby would be loved by ruks and trwated like her own child ? So no need to taste ..

Then the couple is asked to stand under the paak chadar .by the kaazi ?. Ruks too holds one corner of it .. She is clearly hurt ? Jalal notices it ruks goes out of the hall jalal follows her ..

Jalal is told by ruks that she wanted to give him his first chimpld but she is sad that her destiny was not such ..
Jala tries to sympathise .. Ruks sends him back to the jashn
Salima is standing guard next to Jo during the jashn and she is praising jalal in her thoughts ..

Both jalal and salima are keenly observing every one for clues ..

Jalal goes after a baandi whom he suspects
Jalal follows a baandi with green kada .. He then asks for the dhaaga which she does not have .. But he is informed thatbthese wpexpensive kadas were given to her by Baxi bano this evening as a gift
Jalal takes those kadas from the baandi .. He then sends a message to baxi bano ..
Sharif is worried when he hears about jala calling baxi bano

Jala asks baxi if she was the one who ga e the poisonous drink to jo ..
Baxi is in tears .. She confesses and seeks forgiveness

Jala says that he had found the culprit whom he could not punish ?his heart would have broken into hundred pieces if he had one heart
Jala furiously, fiercely, angrily , interrogates his sister .. Also black mails her emotionally ..
He tells baxi for murdering hakima sahiba .. He would have ordered death sentencs for any one else .. Baxi is in tears ?
Baxi says she did not murder hakima .. And she was forced to do everything by her Shohar Sub Sharifuddin Sahab

Jala wants to k ow why did sharifu want to do this

Baxi then narrates his plan .. He had given her the ark and asked her to follow his words he would give her talaq .. If she did not follow his orders with out asking any Qs .. The. Resham gave her the drink first time during janam din jashn ..
Then how bottle broke .. How she stole the bottle from her .. How she told sharufuddin how the bottle broke .. How she was sent again .. Then she tries to reason with her shohar .. But he was furious with her .. He called his soldiers and ordered to kill hakima sahiba ..
Baxi says she was ignorant of his plans
Jalal says aankh ke badley aankh .. Jaan ke badle jaan
Jala caresses baxi?s head and says her punishment would be decided later on ?

Baxi then pleads jalal not to make his sister a widow .. Whom he had made into a dulhan with his own hands

Then commander comes to inform that sahrif has gone out of the fort with some horse riders with out permission .. With out informing any one ..
Jala tells baxi that he could have followed him and killed him

In her room jo is cursing how jalal used all women just as for fulfiling his lust

Jala then brings Baxi to jo and tells jo that she was not pregnant?. Jo is shocked .. She asks if this was his joke ??
Baxi then narrates the entire story ? Jo is in tears and is shocked

Precap .. For tomorrow ? Ruks is in her beauty bath and happily telling her baandi that no one could take her Jalal away from her .. He belonged only to her?. completely

Jo is repenting how she had cursed the nirdosh shehenshah with such cruel words she regrets and is in tears !?Detailed update will be later