Jodha Akbar 7th February 2014 Written Episode, Jodha Akbar 7th February 2014 Written Update

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The episode begins with ?. Jalal sitting near Jo as she looks at him ?
He asks if she was not scered at all !, what if she died !!
Jo says that he did not listen to him so that was the only way to stop him to show him

Jala says that it was very difficult to know what sue thought
She had to save him from ben
Jala says that why did shesace him from ben
Jo asks shat did he think she save him ??

Jala hesitantly replies that he thought she did it because she loved him .. He had a p,ace in her heart

Ruks is sent off by moti .. She is furious
Jala says he thought she was just jealous of Ben . Why else did she dislike her
Jo replied she did not like her dressing style
Jo asks what did he like in ben
Jalal says she was very beautifu.

Jo is shocked .. She thinks he is joking
But jala insists she was beautiful

Jo asks what if she had bitten him ??
Jala says she would not have succeeded .. Jalal and jodha have eyelock . They smile at each other

Jala is leaving jo too wants to go out of the room
Jala tries to stop her as she was weak .but jo says that after hearing the praises of vishkanya the room had become polluted so she wanted to go to angoori baag

Jo is adamant

Jala asks why was she always adamant ?? Jo says because she was rajwanshi

She trips due to giddiness jala supports
Both walk hand in hand to angoori baag
MA is being informed by Resham about how jo entered jo's room after removing his shoes ? He spent long time with her ..

Ruks comes there repenting reacting to MA's words ..

MA informsRuks .. Trying to rile her up .. By telling her how jalal had gone into jo's room inspite of promising he would never enter her hojra .. That he had removed his shoes before entering .. That he spent long time with her alone ..

Resham wonders why was ruks so angry
MA is very happy as ruku was scared that her position was threatened
This was causing Resham to become jealous of Jo

This would cause ghamasaan jealousy between jo amd ruks
Jala beings Jo to angoori baag .. They walk close ..his arm around his shoulder ..

He seats her on a bench . They sit silently ?

Jo breaks the silence by asking if he really liked Ben
Jala says she was worrying for ben even after she was gone

Jala says tes she was beautiful .. Jalal notices jo feeling jealous
Jo feels cold .. She covers ip with her dupatta? Jala notices he brings a fire pot near her ? Both warm their hands over the fire

BG song .."In aakho mein jab se ho gaye gum ??. ishk hai woh ahsaah ?.."plays

Jo in her heart wishes that Jalal had found her beautiful instead of ben ?

Jala thinks wish ben had not come into their lives ..wish Jo had not left that space between them for a third person to enter at all

Hameeda and jijianga are happy to see jalal and Jo together .. Their closeness was evident ?. Earlier they were together but not close .. But now the distances were disappearing between them ?..

Jala stares at jo over the fire

Ruks comes there to see jala n jo sitting close .. Sharing the same fire ? She is jealous

In the prison sharifu asks his close associates that the message to be sent to his supporters that he was going to escape from prison soon ..
His men ask how could that be possible
Sharifu laughs that it was because Jo was saved .. Ben's game was over . Time was right for him to make his next move .. Laughs ?

At DEK. Jala asks how did Abul mali escape . Atgah informs about oth dissidents

Next moment Mirza Hakim had returned after wining the war ?.

Jala is very happy he wants to welcome him but he is informed that haakim had gone to meet jo first ?

Jala proceeds rowards jodha's hojra ..

At jo's hojra her nephew is very unhappy that he could not protect his bua sa ? Haakim too is worried about his bhaabhi jaan was poisoned ? That he suspected a zeherila doshiza due to the excessive cases of poisoning ?

Maan singh and haakim then apologise to jalal for entering harem ? But Hameeda says that they had permission from her ?

Jala says they were allowed to meet their bua sa and bhaabhi as they had come to inquire about her good health ..

Jalal is telling the ladies that everything is mot going on as expected .. Every thing was well and to celebrate this occassion he wanted to announce something .. He would do that in DEK .. He orders the orders to be passed to all concerned to gather in DEK.

Precap for tomorrow ?
Jalal asks how could she accompany him for desh bhraman ? .
Jo is saying that he is going for bhraman for thanking the lord .. And she had to accompany him as he had asked mannat for her ..
Ruks is very cross to hear jo going with jalal she screams that the only one who would go with Jalal was none other than herself !!

Detail update following soon..