The media space these days is heaped with Bigg Boss stories. The most controversial show on Indian television, airing on Colors, has avid followers from all quarters of the society and the globe.

And this morning a shocker was hurled when certain sections of the media reported contestants and love birds Tanisha Mukherjee and Armaan Kohli was caught on tape ?naked? doing?well you know what!!!

Given the nature of the game if two people get connected emotionally inside the house it?s highly probable for them to get physically intimate also. Psychologically, that is very plausible.

However, getting caught naked was a bit over the top happening. We buzzed our source in the show and he/she told us, ?This is all rubbish. What unfolded is that a joke was being circulated via phones and social networking space. A link said that Tanisha and Armaan were caught naked but when you actually click on it? a joke comes up. These guys might not have understood the gag and made a story out of it.?

Well, here we would like to say that we too received the joke on our phones yesterday night. Here?s the link? Tanisha and armaan caught naked in big boss

Adding further the source said, ?The article said that Kushal?s entry has been delayed. It?s also not true. He made an entry last night and has re started his journey in the show.?

Good news for all Kushal fans?

Furthermore, the source agreed that it can be highly possible that Salman Khan and Ajay Devgn are trying hard to get Tanisha evicted from the show for her conduct in the house has embarrassed her family to a great extent. But Colors is also trying its best to keep her in the house as she is a strong contender.

We sent a sms to a channel spokesperson to get response on the development but did not receive any reply.

Later Colors spokesperson got in touch with us and said, "There is no truth in the story. It's absolute rubbish."